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Synchro BC - New Event Manager - Jennifer Halfhide

On behalf of the Board and staff at Synchro BC, I am honoured to announce that effective November 1, 2014, Jennifer Halfhide is fulfilling all duties and responsibilities related to the half-time position of EVENTS MANAGER. Jennifer will be in charge of all competitions and events in British Columbia.

Jennifer has experience as an Event Manager at the BC Games Society and as a Recreation Programmer for the District of Saanich and City of Victoria. This will be her first time working for a Provinical Sport Organization. “I am pleased to be joining the team at Synchro BC”, said Jennifer. “I thank the Board and staff for the opportunity and look forward to the learning to come”.

Synchro BC is very happy to welcome Jennifer to our team. We are confident her extensive knowledge will help advance and better Synchro BC.

Please join me in formally welcoming Jennifer Halfhide to our organization! Jennifer can be reached by email.

Annie Smith
Executive Director
Synchro BC

Full Press Release can be downloaded here.

2014-2015 Season Updated

Plese note that all documents for the 2014-2015 season have been updated on the website. updated documents are as follows:

Please contact the office if you have any questions by email or 604-333-3640.

Synchro BC Member Survey report

The Members of Synchro BC were invited to take part in a Member Survey between May 23, 2014 and June 16, 2014. The Synchro BC Board, Staff and targeted members held a Strategic Planning Meeting on September 12-13, 2014.

Please find below the report of the Member Survey. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Synchro BC would like to thank the 105 members that took the time to answer the survey.

In Honour of Ryan and the Fagnan Family

Thank you to everyone who donated and supported our run in Ryan's Legacy! Together we raised $6,697.56 for childhood cancers. Get your shoes laced up for next year, 'Ryan's Runners' will run once again in honour of a beautiful life.

Celebrate Sports Day!

On November 30, 2013 British Columbians will join citizens across the country to celebrate RBC Sports Day in Canada. As part of this annual celebration of sport, we are joining ViaSport and the BC sport sector in the launch of a Play ViaSport campaing. Check out the full article.

Click on the Press Play button below to see a list of all our BC Synchronized Swimming Clubs and contacts. Visit the Play viaSport campaign for all participating BC Sports.

Contact us if you have any questions.

2013 Raffle Draw

Congratulations to our 2013-2014 Raffle Draw winners:

1 Rhonda Vanderfluit (VPW)
2 Randi Lynch
3 Gerry Pollock (NAN)
4 Augusto Rosas (BCAQ)
5 Brittany Tonello (FVM)
6 Rhonda Vanderfluit (VPW)
7 Dr. S.K. Stepne (WCM)
8 Shelby Harding (PEM)
9 Michele Buchholz (VERN)
10 Lise Radgers (CR)
11 Nadine Sadler (BCAQ)
12 Kondrad Iten (BCAQ)
13 Tony Lindsay (VPW) $100.00

Charlotte Tutte Memorial Bursary

The Charlotte Tutte Memorial Bursary goes to an athlete that participated in a BC club for at least two years, with steady improvements indicated by competition results and intends to continue her Synchro swim career to the senior level.

This year's Charlotte Tutte Bursary Award goes to Stefanie Dickinson from the Vancouver Pacific Wave.

Previous Recipients:

Season Name Club
2013-2014 Stefanie Dickinson
2012-2013 Rene Bell BCAQ
2011-2012 Lucy Boulton BCAQ
2010-2011 Liza Leusenko VPW 
2009-2010 Meghan Dougan NAN
2008-2009 Mikayla Francis BCAQ 
2007-2008 Chelsea Rogers BCAQ
2004-2005 Sandy Gill BCAQ
2001-2002 Laura Hlayach / Kayla Johansen  
1999-2000 Tanya Matson BCAQ

Donalda Smith Award

Donalda Smith was a pioneer for our sport both nationally and internationally and has been recognized numerous times for her accomplishments and for her commitment to ensuring that Synchronized Swimming be recognized as an Olympic Sport. This award goes to the athlete with the highest achievements in the 2011-2012 competitive synchro season.

This year's Donalda Smith Excellence Award goes to Liza Leusenko and her Coach Kara Kalin from Vancouver Pacific Wave.

Season Athlete Coach Club
2012-2013 Erin Williams &
Natasha Heine
Susan Kemper
2011-2012 Liza Leusenko Kara Kalin VPW
2010-2011 Liza Leusenko Kara Kalin VPW
2009-2010 Olivia Zawadiuk Tanya Matson & Susan Kemper BCAQ
2008-2009 Veronica Winter Susan Kemper BCAQ 
2007-2008 Veronica Winter Jen Jacklin BCAQ
2006-2007 Sandy Gill Susan Kemper BCAQ 

Excellence in Coaching Award

As part of the continued effort to recognize and support excellence in the province of BC, Synchro BC is awarding the Excellence in Coaching Award each y ear. The Excellence in Coaching Award was created to recognize outstanding individuals who demonstrate exemplary leadership in the sport of synchonized swimming at the provincial level.

The recipients for the past years are as follows:

Season Coach Club
2013-2014 Disa Fladmark BC Aquasonics


Media Kit

Aisha Vance, of PSSV, has developed a media kit specific for synchro clubs. Aisha took the Media Communications programmer at BCIT and majored in Broadcast TV and Radio News (journalism). While at BCIT she worked as a news reporter for 107.9 CFML and for Astral Media Radio. After completing BCIT Aisha was hired at Global TV in Vancouver as a researcher and then started working as a writer for both the morning show and news hour final. Aisha moved to Victoria where she completed her degree in professional/ corporate communications from Royal Roads University and worked part time at A Channel (CTV) and CFAX news radio.

Currently she works with a NGO in Victoria as a Communications Specialist.

We hope that you find this guide helpful. Please contact Aisha directly should you have any questions. Thank-you Aisha for sharing your knowledge on the subject!

Check out the Media Kit by downloading it.