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Please visit esynchro.com for different synchronized swimming products, e.g. digital books, digital figures, books on how to do and teach synchro, video's etc.
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Swimmer development awards

Item * (No returns on Manuals/Books/DVD/Shirts) Price
AquaSquirts Certificate & Sticker 2.25 each
AquaSquirts Too Certificate & Sticker 2.25 each
Star Pins (1-10) 5.50 each
Superstar Pin (1-7) 6.50 each
Bronze, Silver and Gold Challenge Awards 6.75 each


Guides / manuals

Item * (No returns on Manuals/Books/DVD/Shirts) Price
Aqua Squirts Instructor's Guide 18.00 each
AquaSquirts Too Instructor's Guide 18.00 each
AquaSquirts Instructor Guide Set (AquaSquirts and AquaSquirts Too) 25.00 each
AquaGames Instructor's Guide 7.00 each
2009 Star Program Manual 70.00
Star Program Revision Package 15.00
Synchro for All 15.00
A Little Synchro Every Day 4.50
English Creative Development Manual 23.00
The National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) 70.00
NCCP SynchroInstructor Course 85.00
NCCP Level 1 Coaching Interim Manual - March 2003 27.00
NCCP Level 2 Coaching INterim Manual - January 2003 23.00
NCCP Level 3 Coaching Interim Manual - 2003 30.00
Guide for Synchro Instructor Facilitators - August 2004 40.00


Officials Development manuals

Item * (No returns on Manuals/Books/DVD/Shirts) Price
Officials Training Manual - Level 1 42.00
Officials Handbook (May 2000) 12.00
CASSA Official Rule Book available under Competition (free) free
FINA Rule Book ***
FINA Synchronized Swimming Manual for Judges/Coaches/Feferees $15.00 printed version or free under www.fina.org
2013-2017 FINA Manual review (PDF) free


Official Golf Shirts

Item * (No returns on Manuals/Books/DVD/Shirts) Price
National judge golf shirt 45.00
Referee golf shirt 45.00
Synchro BC judges shirts 27.00
Synchro Canada judges shirts 41.00


Videos & DVDs

Item * (No returns on Manuals/Books/DVD/Shirts) Price
Star 1-4 (2004) DVD 30.00
Star 5-8 (2005) DVD 30.00
Synchro Canada Star Program Video 57.00
Principles of Conditioning 17.00
Principles of Routine Composition 17.00
Synchronized Swimming Promotional Video 17.00
Basic Routie Skills Video 2000 23.00



Item Price
Nose Clips (Speedo) 4.25 each or 4.00 (orders of 12 or more)
Bathing Caps 3.00 each or 2.25 (orders of 12 or more)
Synchro Sue Doll 18.00 each

2009-2013 FINA MANUAL

The FINA Handbook 2009 -2013 (English Version only) is now available for purchase! 
Please order directly from Synchro Canada. . The cost of each copy is $27.50 CND

Email us in order to purchasse a new manual!

How to purchase

  1. Email me at info at synchro.bc.ca
  2. Synchro BC will request your order to Synchro Canada and email you a cheque.
  3. Mail the cheque or money order and this form to: #220 - 3820 Cessna Drive, Richmond, BC, V7B 0A2
  4. Synchro BC will mail your order out to you. (remember, if you can pick it up let me know and Synchro BC won't charge you for shipping)
Please allow three (3) weeks for delivery.
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