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Synchro BC Professional Development Judging Grant

Synchro BC is very pleased to announce the newly installed professional development judging grant.

The purpose of the Professional Development Judging Grants is to assist judges who are
interested in opportunities to upgrade their experience, education and/or certification. A grant
allows the judge to participate in seminars or conferences, attend major or domestic
competitions, or consult with a recognized sport expert. Four Professional Development Grants
will be offered annually.

Please download further information here!

The submissions need to be received prior to March 31st. Notification will go out prior to April
30th unless required immediately due to proposal timelines. Receipts must be in the office by
June 15th.

If you have any questions, please contact our Technical Director, Susan Kemper.

Synchro BC Officials Management Team (BCOMT)

Mission Statement

The Synchro BC Officials Management Team (hereafter referred to as BCOMT) is the volunteer Committee in the BC Synchro structure responsible for the overall management of programs and services for Officials in Synchronized Swimming in British Columbia.


Terms are one (1) year in the same position. Maximum 3 Terms. Exceptionally an individual may serve more than one (1) term. Chair is appointed by Synchro British Columbia Board of Directors. Members are recruited by the Chair in consultation with the Program Coordinator.

Committee is comprised of:

  • Chair
  • Members at large:
    • Panels Coordinator
    • Training Coordinator
    • Database/Statistics Coordinator
  • Staff Liaison: Program Coordinator

Specific Areas of Responsibility


  • Chairs BCOMT meetings;
  • Spokesperson for Synchro BC Officials;
  • Liaises with Synchro Canada Officials Management Team;
  • Maintains communications with Synchro BC via the VP Human Resources and Program Coordinator;
  • Chairs Selection Committee at BC Provincials and submits recommendation to Western Divisionals Coordinator;
  • Brings any Officials' issues to the Executive Director and VP Human Resources;
  • Communicates with BC Officials regarding rules, regulation changes, policies and procedures, etc.;
  • Fall Seminar coordinator (officials portion);
  • Appoints Head Judge and Head Referee for each Competition;
  • Recommends upgrades to SC OMT Judge and/or Referee Level lll and lV based on statistics and commitment;
  • Liaises with the Program Coordinator for hotel bookings, transportation arrangements;
  • Oversees Officials' expenses and arranges per diems in cooperation with Synchro BC Office Manager;
  • Ensures integration of BCOMT member activities.

Panels Leader

  • Panel coordinator for BC Competitions in consultation with Chair BCOMT;
  • Ensures adequate number of qualified officials are available for BC Competitions;
  • Ensures panels are balanced with regard to experience and opportunity.

Training Coordinator

  • Coordinates Officials training;
  • Liaises with Program Coordinator to ensure Officials training and upgrade opportunities are provided;
  • Ensures BC Officials receive training and education appropriate to Judge Level;
  • Prepares Judge progression requirements - from Examiner to Level ll (BC) (align with Synchro Canada Level lll-V);
  • Prepares exam materials;
  • Invigilate exams.

Database/Statistics Coordinator

  • Maintain Officials Activity Database:
  • Maintain Statistics Database
  • Recommend to BCOMT Officials that meet criteria for upgrade.
Program Coordinator
  • Initiation Package;
  • support to BCOMT;
  • Officials' Memberships;
  • Maintains Officials Recognitions Program database;

Decision Making

BCOMT operates and makes decisions by consensus vs formal voting structure.


One (1) in person meeting to be held @ the beginning of the Competitive Season (typically at the Fall Seminar weekend). Other meetings as required, either in person, or by conference call.