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Synchro BC's goal is to foster and promote a fully integrated synchronized swimming sport system, which offers opportunities for excellence at all levels of participation from recreational to international. The following list of key words illustrates the values we uphold and encourage:
  • Excellence
  • Integrity
  • Excitement
  • Fairplay
  • fun
  • Respect
  • Vibrancy
  • Cooperation
  • Innovation

The Code of Conduct is in place to ensure that Synchro BC's integrity, public profile, and high standard of values are upheld.


Synchro BC intends for its Code of Conduct to apply to all of its members, which include staff, volunteers, Board members, general members, coaches, officials, and athletes of the association and of its associated clubs.


When members of Synchro BC do business for or on behalf of the association, or when they conduct or are involved in any activity in which Synchro BC is even remotely involved in, they are representatives of the association; essentially, they are seen as the association. In this light, Synchro BC expects its members to conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times during the aforementioned situations.

Fairplay, defined by Synchro BC, is for all members to respect and abide by all rules set forth by Synchro BC, Synchro Canada, and FINA. Members are to honour all decisions made by the officials at any and all competitions and are to show regard to all opponents.

Synchro BC will give everyone an equal chance to participate. Synchro BC expects all its members to maintain self-control and behave with dignity, decorum, and respect when in the position of representing the association. See section(s) 9.1 - 9.8 of the Members Code of Conduct for more information.

Synchro BC expects that its members will not be involved in any behaviour that could be defined as harassment towards any other member, individual, or group. See section 9.3 for more information.

Synchro BC expects its members to withdraw themselves from dealings that could in any way be construed as being a conflict of interest. For more information, see section 9.4.

Synchro BC members strictly adhere to the anti-doping policy. For specific details, see section 9.10.

Synchro BC expects that its members will not be involved in any behaviour or dealings - personal and/or business related - that are considered illegal or in any way unethical. The association also expects its members to report any behaviour that they consider to be harassment, illegal, or unethical, whether it be directed towards or conducted by a member(s).

Any member suspected of the above behaviour or actions will be subject to disciplinary action. See section 9.11 for more information.


All members of Synchro BC are required to sign the Members' Agreement stating that they have read the Code of Conduct and understood, and agree to abide by the policies established by the Association.

Note: Contact your local club or the Synchro BC office for the complete Members Code of Conduct.

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