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Synchro BC Committees

The current Synchro BC's Standing Committees are as follows:

  • Coaching Development Committee
    • Terms of Reference
    • Committee Members:
      • Chair: Alyson Plecash
      • Assistant Chair: Christine Miller
      • Technical Director: Susan Kemper
      • Members: Elise Fagnan, Samantha Lankmayr, Katie Dick

  • High Performance Committee
    • Terms of Reference
    • Committee Members:
      • Chair: Kara Kalin
      • Technical Director: Susan Kemper
      • Provincial Head Coach: Tara Gant
      • Members: Gail Donohue, Rosilyn Tegart, Samantha Lankmayr

  • Officials Committee
    • Terms of Reference
    • Committee Member:
      • Chair: Lisa Balcombe
      • Secretary: Sharon Devana
      • Panel Facilitator: Madeleine Ramsay
      • Judges Training Island: Carol Stewart & Madeleine Ramsay
      • Judges Training Lower Mainland: Anne-Marie North & Christina Demiris
      • Judges Training Interior: Lisa Balcombe
      • Referee/Volunteer Training: Debbie Provencher
      • Mentorship Program: Anne-Marie North
      • Statistician/Records: Lisa Balcombe
      • Resource Development: Nicola Iten

  • Sport Development Committee
    • Terms of Reference
    • Committee Members:
      • Chair: Grainne McElroy
      • Executive Director: Annie Smith
      • Event Manager: Jennifer Halfhide
      • Members: Parissa Bhullar, Nicole Barager, Lynn Barager, Katie Dick, Daiana Rabbai, Elise Fagnan, Erin Fitchett and Carrie Tse

For more information about the committee, please contact the Executive Director by email or phone (604-333-3642).

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